Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angle - Soft Cup 200ct

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32.00 Ounces

The Avid Fit® DPA is designed to fit the Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece and all other industry standard handpieces. Newly patented design allows a smoother rotation, reducing the vibrations felt while performing a prophylaxis. This reduction equals less risk of musculoskeletal issues caused by repetitive daily vibrations. Use with the Avid Fit® Hygiene Handpiece for a “prophylaxis system” that optimizes line of sight and accessibility for the best prophy possible! Enjoy using the three brilliant paste cup colors.

Modified paste cup webbing to improve cup flare...
Less splatter

· Streamlined body style (no windows or latch seams)...
Better patient comfort

· One of the smoothest running DPAs on the market...
Patient and clinician comfort

· Designed to fit all industry standard hygiene handpieces...
Works with all industry standard handpieces and adaptors

· Not made with natural rubber latex...
Perfect for patients with latex allergies