Avid Premier™ Hygiene Handpiece System

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16.00 Ounces

The Avid Premier™ Hygiene Handpiece is designed with interchangeable aluminum sleeves that quickly snap on and off between procedures, giving the hygienist time to properly sterilize without interrupting workflow. This handpiece works with any standard disposable prophy angle, but you’re guaranteed to SMILE with the Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angle! This handpiece has a standard 18 month warranty. But if you continue to use Avid Fit® Disposable Prophy Angles, we will repair your handpiece for FREE for up to 5 years. An independent laboratory study validated that our positive pressure technology prevents ingress of debris and microorganisms between the sleeve and the motor when following the Directions for Use. Therefore, the sleeves need to be sterillized after each patient, but the motor only needs to be sterillized once a day or after a maximum of 12 uses.

Included in the box: 1 motor and 4 sleeves